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Exciting new casino brand enters UK market

As the UK online gambling market shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon, it has seen the entry of a new, highly appealing Danish brand; CEGO which has been in operation since 2012 and has become increasingly popular around Europe over the last few years.

Exciting new casino brand enters UK market

Approval to operate in the UK market was rubber-stamped by the UKGC (UK Gambling Commission), following an extensive background check of the operator’s site.

A group statement revealed: “With 80% of its content being provided in-house, CEGO takes an organic approach to its offering, and with minimal reliance on third-party software, CEGO can provide the best possible playing experience with bespoke, exciting games.”

CEGO CEO Allan Auning-Hansen commented: “We are very excited to be able to expand into a new market; especially one as significant in online gaming as Great Britain.

“At CEGO, we have a proven concept and approach to player acquisition and retention. We look forward to taking this experience into the UK market and continuing to provide fun, high-quality gaming to players.”


How has the UK casino market diversified over the last few years?

While we have seen an increasing amount of operators join the UK market over the last decade, there have been some subtle differences in terms of what they specialise in.

Arguably, one of the main differentiators has been that some new sites have become more niche, pushing products such as live casino or even jackpot slots, as their main service offering.

Currently, there are a number of European-based casino brands that operate in the UK market, with each of these proving that there is a model for success if they get it right.

When you factor in the Swedish giant Kindred Group and the brands that they have which perform well in the UK market, including both Unibet and 32Red, there is a lot of promise for the well-backed CEGO brand, if they are able to get their strategy right.

Without a doubt, one of the main struggles that CEGO may face in the UK market is in relation to the regulatory side due to the fact that the UKGC has tightened legislation considerably over the last year.

CEGO though, has proved that it has staying power and over the last decade, it has carved out a name for itself in the Nordic marketplace, becoming particularly well-renowed for the games that it offers.