All reviews, guidelines and other information at Casino Sites are written to our editorial standards and guidelines.


Why We Use Editorial Guidelines

Here at Casino Sites, we use editorial guidelines to ensure that all the information we provide will help our readers have the best online gambling experience possible. This can range from informing you of the very best UK casinos to join with our reviews to providing you with extensive guides on how to play the most popular casino games. All of our content is structured with the sole purpose of providing our readers with the most accurate and up to date information possible.

Our website was created to help players feel confident when gambling online and choosing which casino to play and what games to choose. We are continuously improving our content using your feedback to make it the best source of information about online casinos anywhere online.

The guidelines in place ensure that all our content meets the high standard that you have come to expect from us. We receive no monetary commission for our reviews and do not place any advertisements on the site. This allows us to maintain our high editorial stance and remain independent. You can be assured that no content on our site has had interference from an external source.


Our Team

At Casino Sites, we have a team of online gambling experts writing our content. Our team research each casino and pull on their knowledge to bring you in-depth reviews and guides. Not only are they experts, but they are fans of online gambling too and know what information players want to hear before deciding where to sign up and play.


Editorial Code

Casino Sites follows a strict editorial code, and you can expect this to be followed for all our content.

Impartial Advice

Our content writers have no relationship with the online casinos they are reviewing, and any conflicts of interest are immediately avoided. This ensures that all our content is written 100% objectively. Our writing is unbiased, so you can read impartial information to make an informed decision.


All content at our site is written after being thoroughly researched. All information must be accurate and driven by the data. When we recommend online casinos or games, we use a team of people to ensure the research is in-depth and prioritise putting players first.

Clear Information

All information at Casino Sites has to be straightforward for players to read. We want to inform our readers in the easiest way possible, and so we avoid using complicated jargon that many will not understand. As our site is available to players worldwide where gambling is legal, this simple terminology also makes it easier for them to understand our content.

When reading our content, you can expect it to be easy to read, timely and relevant to the title. While the information in our content can sometimes be complicated, we aim to provide you with this in the most easily digestible way possible. If you find that our content is too confusing, please do get in touch and we can clarify this for you.

Source Disclosure

All content written at Casino Sites uses facts from reputable sources, and our team use their knowledge and experience. You can find links to many of the sources that we use within our content and try always to credit where possible.


Our team is human, and so errors can still happen. If you notice any mistakes in our content or feel that something is missing, get in touch, and we will work as quickly as possible to correct this.

Legally Safe

All content devised and published on the site is exacting to journalistic standards and in line with the ethical guidelines of the National Union of Journalists (NUJ) Code of Conduct. It means that any articles on our news section are fair, accurate and contemporaneous. We ensure high standards by only working with specifically qualified journalists who are fully aware of how to make sure that articles are legally safe to publish and also, the relevant legal defences that apply in each scenario.

Any content that is opinion-orientated will be stated as such, either as a ‘comment piece’ or ‘columnist piece’ written in a thought-leadership style. All assertions made in articles will be backed up with official sources, whether these are with links or embedded social media posts of authorities.

Because we do not have a responsibility to any commercial shareholders, it means that all of our content is produced in an unbiased way, which means that we focus equally on every relevant topic that is listed. Our purpose is to make sure that we can bring you up-to-the-minute news that you can trust about the industry while maintaining our integrity and staying true to our values.


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