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How Do Affiliate Links Work?

The affiliate link system is simple and easy to understand. Each time a reader clicks on one of our affiliate links, we earn a small commission. While this commission is not large, it helps us to fund the site and deliver 100% honest and independent reviews. You may also have noticed that we have no ads on our site and we plan to keep it this way by using the affiliate system.

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Why Do We Use Affiliates?

We use affiliate links for a few reasons. Firstly, as we previously mentioned, our site does not display ads and so we do not take any revenue in this way. This is a large source of income for many sites but we choose to forgo this as it can be a distraction and annoying for the user experience.

Secondly, we do not receive any money as compensation for our reviews. This allows us to write honest reviews that you can trust, without having to worry if our work has been compromised. Using affiliate links is one of the only ways that we can carry on delivering you this great content for the long term.


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