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PointsBet enters West Virginia market

Australian sports betting and online gambling firm, PointsBet has entered the ever-growing West Virginia market, with the state agreeing to allow the company to offer its online casino product to its residents.

PointsBet has almost emerged from nowhere over the last 12 months, to become one of the most recognised operators in the US – a market that is being predicted to lead the way over the next few years in the industry.

To come as far as it has done in such a short space of time, is certainly testament to the fine work of its marketing and branding team, in addition to the strategic and synergistic alliances that it has been able to put in place across the states.

PointsBet enters West Virginia market


West Virginia a buoyant market for PointsBet

Having been successful with its sports betting product in the state over the last few months, the brand quickly identified that their online casino asset could have a similar impact.

This is a viewpoint, certainly shared by PointsBet’s VP of Online Casino Revenue, who stated: “As PointsBet rapidly expands its presence across the U.S. and the online casino market continues to surge in popularity, we are thrilled to be able to now offer an online casino experience to users in West Virginia.

“It has been our goal to deliver the best-in-class casino content to our users in all of the states where we are permitted to offer the service. We remain committed to its growth and PointsBet’s position as the leader in the online casino market.”

Meanwhile, PointsBet President of Product and Technology, Majit Gombra Singh, shared: “It is an exciting time for the online casino market, and we’re proud to be able to tap into this momentum and introduce our proprietary product in West Virginia.

“We’re quickly scaling our business and have now integrated Scientific Games platform to expand our premium content portfolio. We’re looking forward to expanding and refining our suite of products throughout the year to deliver more options for our users in PointsBet online casinos.”


Ideal test ground?

For PointsBet, West Virginia could provide it with the perfect opportunity to test whether its online casino product can be successful in other states, with New York at some point, likely to agree to online casino, having launched sports betting recently.

If it can also strike more deals over the course of the next few months, with leading software suppliers, this will only strengthen its asset and in addition to the potency of its brand, this could well bear fruit further down the line.