Do Magnets Affect Slot Machines?

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Over the past century, slot machines have become one of the most popular and most played gambling games. When playing slots online at popular slot sites, there is no way to cheat as the games are developed using the very best software and random number generator tools. Land-based slot machines have also vastly improved over the years, and some of the tricks players used to try to cheat and win no longer work, including the use of magnets. Find out more below about whether magnets can still affect slot machines and other techniques players sometimes use to try and cheat their way to a win.

Do Magnets Affect Slot Machines?

Using Magnets to Win at Slots

As we previously mentioned, players can no longer use magnets to try and win when playing at brick and mortar casino slot games. However, this was once used by players often to beat the house and get a win. When slot machines were made of metal, players could spin the reels and use a strong magnet to stop the machine from spinning when it landed on a big winning combo. The winning combo would then be paid out, and the player would get a big cash prize. Nowadays, slot machines are much more sophisticated and use computer software like random number generators to ensure the machines’ integrity and stop cheating.


Using a Yo-Yo to Win at Slots

Another popular technique that can no longer be used to cheat on slots due to advancements in technology is the yo-yo. Players could attach a piece of string to a coin, put it into the machine to trigger the spinning of the reels and then bring the coin back out of the machine. This meant players could claim wins but did not need to spend any money. Unfortunately, players cannot use this cheat to get those big cash prizes.


Using Fake Coins to Win at Slots

A popular way to cheat at slot machines has long been using fake coins. This was another method for players to claim wins but did not have to spend any of their own money. Like other cheating methods, slot developers found ways to stop the use of fake coins in their machines.


Using Cheat Codes to Win at Slots

An infamous way in which some players cheated to win at slot machines was to use cheat codes. This was not a cheating method for the average player as it was designed by the engineers who created and developed these slot games. One of the most famous cases of an engineer cheating using coding was Ronald Dale Harris, who manipulated slot machines through source codes. He was able to get away with this scam for a very long time before a huge win by his partner of over $100,000 drew too much attention to them both, and he was caught. This was, of course, a big scandal in the industry as those working at gambling authorities and software development companies have to follow strict rules and regulations and are responsible for monitoring the gameplay of slots. Luckily, these cases are incredibly unusual.


Using a Light Wand to Win at Slots

Another famous incident of cheating on slot machines was Tommy Glenn Carmichael, who came up with the light wand to cheat when spinning the reels of slot games. With this method, Carmichael could transform small wins into huge payouts. He was able to do this by blinding the optical sensor inside the slot machine. This meant that the slot machine had no idea the number of coins deposited in and so could not work out when it was supposed to pay out or how much it was supposed to pay out in winnings.

These are just a few of how players would cheat to win at slots over the years. With the new technological advancements in slot games, players can no longer get away with cheating either at a land-based casino or when playing at an online casino. However, this does not make the games any less fun, and there are still plenty of significant winning opportunities. Here at, we have lots of information on how to win at slot games and all the best rated online casinos available to play at in the UK that offer a wide selection of top slot games from the world’s biggest developers. Don’t miss out and give their reels a spin today to see how much you can win!