How Do You Get Paid If You Win at Online Gambling?

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There is nothing more exciting than getting a win when playing at an online gambling site, no matter how big or small it may be. Withdrawing your winnings can be a more complicated process than depositing, depending on which casino you are playing at. Each top online casino will have different terms and conditions to withdraw cash, a range of payment options to choose from and various games in their library available to play that will award cash prizes.

Carry on reading to find out more about online gambling, how to get paid when you win, top tips to stop hackers from getting into your casino account and more.

How Do You Get Paid If You Win at Online Gambling?

What is Online Gambling and How Do You Play It?

Online gambling is simply gambling played on the internet rather than in a brick and mortar casino. This can include a range of gambling games, including casinos, poker and sports betting.

This form of gambling works by allowing players to create an account at an online casino and then deposit and wager real money. The casinos are built on advanced software, and all you need to start playing is a computer, laptop or mobile device, an account with an online casino and money to deposit.


Types of Games That Can Be Played for Money

Every online casino will offer its range of exciting games to gamble on. There are many extremely popular games that you can expect to find at most online casinos which can be played for real money. This includes:

  •         Slots
  •         Jackpot slots
  •         Blackjack
  •         Baccarat
  •         Poker
  •         Roulette
  •         Keno
  •         Craps
  •         Bingo
  •         Scratch Cards

Each game will have varying payout rates, but you can usually expect the highest return to player rates with table and card casino games.


Methods of Payment for Playing These Games

At most online casinos, you will find a range of fantastic payment options available that allow you to make safe deposits to use on their games. Before you make your first deposit to a casino, it is always recommended to check what payment options they have to ensure one is suitable for you. It is also worth checking the terms and conditions of any welcome offers as many do not award bonuses if certain payment methods are used. Some of the most common payment methods you will find at online casinos are:

  •         Visa debit
  •         Mastercard debit
  •         PayPal
  •         Skrill
  •         Neteller
  •         Paysafecard
  •         EntroPay
  •         Boku (This is a pay by mobile casino phone billing option)
  •         Bank Wire Transfer

Many players prefer to use a method such as an e-wallet like PayPal or an e-voucher like Paysafecard as they offer additional layers of security and give you peace of mind that your money is safe. At all reputable casinos, they will use the latest SSL encryption technology to ensure your payments are protected when making deposits and withdrawals.


How to Get Paid If You Win At an Online Casino or Poker Site

At most online casinos, withdrawing your winnings is an easy process and you can choose from a range of payment methods. Simply log in to your casino account and first check that you have met all the wagering requirements that must be satisfied before you can make a withdrawal. If the wagering requirements have been met, you can head to the banking area and submit a withdrawal.

Popular payment methods players usually choose for withdrawals include debit card, PayPal, Skrill, Neteller and bank wire transfer. Options such as Paysafecard and pay by phone are not available for withdrawals. It is also important to check the withdrawal processing time as some casinos can take up to 24 hours while others may be as long as three days. You will then have the payment method processing time on top of that, which is why most players opt for an e-wallet, as this is the quickest payment method to receive your cash.


A Few Tips On How to Keep Your Account Safe From Hackers

Like creating an account on any type of online site, you must take steps to try and keep your account safe from hackers. Online casino accounts are no different, and there is always the possibility that your account may be compromised. Here are some of our top tips that you can follow to keep your account safe from many of the most common attacks:



Phishing is one of the most serious threats to anyone with accounts online. In these instances, hackers will try to trick you into giving away your login details. One of the most common ways that they will do this is through email. An email that looks legitimate could be found in your inbox from what you think is the gambling company when it is not. They could be offering you a range of incentives such as bonuses and prizes in this email, and all you have to do is enter your username and password. Players who get caught in phishing attacks end up giving over their sensitive information and can get locked out of their own account as the hacker goes in and changes the password.

To prevent phishing attacks, always be very wary of emails and be aware that an online gambling site will never ask you to share your password. Do not click on links that say they are going to direct you elsewhere and always double-check the email address to see if it is the official contact. If you are ever unsure, head on over to the casino website and contact the customer service team directly from there to avoid a phishing attack.



Another prevalent form of hacking is through malware. This technique has been around for many years and involves a cyber-attack on your device to steal your sensitive information or even take control of the device.

Stopping a malware attack is fairly easy, and you can do so by installing a high-quality and reputable antimalware solution on your device. It is also essential to ensure you never install any software sent to you through an unrecognised link such as an email. If you need to download anything, go to the official website or app store and download it.


Public Wi-Fi

Everyone uses public Wi-Fi these days as it is available everywhere. However, some players may not be aware that it comes with an array of risks as you are using a shared network with strangers. When using the Wi-Fi on a shared network, other people on that network could monitor or catch the traffic that is happening both to and from your device. All it takes is for someone in the same building as you using the same Wi-Fi to compromise your credentials quickly.

For this reason, the best way to keep your casino account secure is to stop using public Wi-Fi as much as possible. It is also a good idea to use a VPN, a virtual private network, as this can protect you by putting you on a secure network. Many VPN’s are free and you can get them for all your devices, including laptop, desktop PC, mobile or tablet.


Password Cracking

Password cracking is a common practice in which the attacker will attempt to get access to your account by guessing your password. This is essentially a trial and error method where weak passwords are easily caught out.

To avoid your password being cracked, create one that is not easy to guess and is not predictable. There are lots of password generators available to help you do this or you can use a password that is much harder but easier for you to remember.


If you are going to play at an online casino, follow our advice so you can play exciting games, potentially win big payouts and easily withdraw your winnings from a safe and secure casino account.