The biggest ever-recorded online slots win

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The sheer fun of gambling keeps players at the edge of their seats and happy to go online for some quality entertainment. The best  online casinos have made it possible for punters to play slots, table games and video poker for free, using exclusively play money. The virtual currency is replenished indefinitely, but in order to win real cash, players are expected to make a deposit. Success stories provide the ultimate impetus to load the account and progressive jackpot wins are without a doubt an excellent incentive.

Mega Moolah’s record is still standing

Microgaming’s Mega Moolah has been for many years one of the best paying progressive jackpot slots in the world. Its uncanny ability of making millionaires with a single spin of the reels has made it the focal point of attention for players seeking the best paying slots. Records were set and broken over the last decade and the latest milestone was set on September 28, 2018. Less than a year ago, the biggest ever recorded slot win sent shockwaves throughout the online gambling industry. A lucky player won nearly €19 million playing this game and decided to maintain his or her anonymity.

In the wake of the €18,910,668 jackpot being hit, the number of people spinning the reels of Mega Moolah has surged to new highs. Even though the enthusiasm has dwindled since the big payout, the slot continues to rank high in the preference of online gamblers. Progressive jackpot slots in general have developed a cult following, with people being driven by the life-changing amounts. Hitting the winning combinations that trigger the jackpot is of course extremely difficult and the odds of striking it rich are slim. This is where lower tier jackpots come in, delivering lower payouts with a higher frequency.

Previous records set by progressive jackpot slots

Microgaming’s Mega Moolah epic payout recorded in September 2018 is still unchallenged and deserves its place in the Guinness World Record. It has replaced the €17,879,645 payout recorded in 2013, when a British soldier won the huge amount playing the same game. The winner benefited greatly from this influx of capital, as he was able to pay for his father’s medical treatment and buy the car of his dreams. As it always happens when a progressive jackpot is won, the winner needs some time to adjust to this new reality. The huge amount of money seems nearly impossible to spend, but financial planning is needed.

The vast majority of jackpot winners decide to remain anonymous, which makes perfect sense. Online casinos are happy to spread the news whenever a progressive jackpot slot makes a new millionaire. That’s because the announcement has the almost guaranteed effect of attracting new players, while providing existing ones with the incentive to double their efforts. At the same time, they respect the privacy of their players and never disclose private information about the winners, without their written consent.

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